Saturday, 9 June 2007

Finally Some Green Stuff!

A seemingly long winter of digging and construction at OCG and a further wait for seeds to germinate before planting out has finally started to pay off.

Ably assisted by under-gardener, Milly!

My single row pea experiment seems to have worked in spite of this horrible-looking wormy thing that did for half the seeds before they had a chance to germinate. I have searched the hinterweb trying to identify it but to no avail. There are thousands of them in this particular bed which was part of the turfed area of garden originally. Wire worm perhaps? Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Greatly magnified - largest I have found is about an inch long when fully extended

Peas about to flower, the 45cm height guide was a little misleading (120cm!)

Carrots, onions, courgettes, french climbing beans, runner beans, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, chard and numerous salad leaves are all putting on good growth as summer starts to arrive. My "suck it and see" approach (what choice did I have as a total novice?!) looks like it is working in the most part and we all can't wait to eat our first produce. No surprise that lettuce is going to win that particular race!

A few more pics to finish...


Melanie Rimmer said...

Looking good. Are the marigolds just decortaive, or are they part of some cunning companion planting scheme?

Organic City Garden said...

Bit of both really, Mel. They were some much much needed colour before anything started growing properly as well as being the archetypal planting companion for veg!

I have also planted limnanthes douglasii to attract some hoverfly friends and some basil around my toms (as well as more marigolds!).

I bought some forget-me-not seeds also but realised they wouldn't flower until next year so I haven't planted them! Is that a man thing??

Carolyn said...

Greetings, fellow blogger. Discovered your site thanks to your nice comment on mine. Looks as though you are doing quite well now after your frightful illness. Your garden looks healthy and beautifully organized. I don't recognize that odd worm, but now you've got me curious about the hoverfly as I have Limnathes douglasii in my garden as well.

Organic City Garden said...

Hi Carolyn

Limnanthes Douglasii or Poached-Egg flower is heavily pushed over here as a great wildlife companion plant. It is said to attract both Helophilus pendulus and Volucella bombylans, whose larvae both have voracious appetites for aphids.

As adults, they are also useful in the garden as pollinators. This is my first year of actively growing anything so I am intrigued as to whether my hoverfly population increases because of this plant.

Plant Press gives you a little more detail.

I've added your blog to my "Blogs I Like" list - can't have the UK blogs taking over completely!